“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

(Nelson Mandela)

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions one could hope to be a part of. The opportunity to combine your passion and love for your subject with shaping the minds of the next generation is a privilege that’s not afforded to everyone. A teacher can leave an indelible mark on a student where they are remembered long after they have left school or sixth form often inspiring them to achieve beyond expectations.  It is this influence on the life chances that makes teaching such a unique profession and one that we hope you wish to be part of.  We are looking for people to join our academic sixth form who strongly believe like us in this very basic but radical ideal that irrespective of your background or social class everyone deserves a first class education.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to see how we could work together to achieve our aspirations.  Why are we seeking out bright, committed, and talented people to join us?  The statistics on social mobility are worrying and unless we play our part we will continue to see the gap between those who can afford a privileged education and those who can’t grow even further.  By using your skills and deep subject knowledge you can help make a difference so that the young people in our care can benefit from the experience and rewards of higher education that we all enjoyed.

Have your student loan repaid while you train.

Your student loan repayments will be paid for by The NCS during your employment with us. You’ll earn a competitive salary too.

Below we’ve showcased some of the stories of our current staff who found teaching to be a noble, exciting, and rewarding profession once leaving university, along with stories of the students whose lives they’ve changed and details of our training offer. If you’re interested in pursuing teaching as a career, please watch the videos and fill in the form below to register for updates on our programme.

Teacher stories

“My career progress since joining The NCS has been exponential. It’s such a supportive environment.”

Going into university, Jerome was still undecided as to the career route he would pursue after his studies came to an end. It was only when he started to tutor A- Level students during his second year at Cambridge that he discovered the buzz that teaching can bring.


“I don’t think there’s any other job in the world where you can use your subject knowledge in the way that you do when teaching.”

There are two things that Olga has always loved; biology and working with people. Whilst studying at Oxford she realised combining the two would lead to a successful and rewarding career in teaching.  She honed her pedagogical skills during her teaching practice and quickly realised that her strengths and passion lay in teaching able A level students who share her deep interest in Biology.


“I find teaching so rewarding. I can’t think of anything better, I really enjoy this job.”

When her studies at the University of Oxford ended, Kateryna moved to Japan to take up work on a jet programme where she taught English. It was during this period she realised that she wanted teach young people and share her love of maths with the next generation. When she returned to the UK a year later she trained as a teacher so she could put her deep knowledge of maths to use in the classroom. She joined The NCS in its first year as learning leader for maths and quickly progressed to the position of assistant principal.


“I really enjoy the fact that I get to do maths all day.”

Matthew only decided to look into teaching in his fourth year studying at university when a careers email landed in his inbox. Thinking it would be a short term job until he decided on his actual career, he soon found that he really enjoyed being in the classroom sharing his love of maths.  After a number of years teaching, Matthew secured a graduate position with PWC training to be an actuary.  However, after a year on the scheme he realised that teaching able young people was what we really enjoyed so decided to leave PWC and join the NCS.  Within a year of joining Matthew became Learning Leader of Mathematics.

Student stories

“Why shouldn’t someone from the East End dream big?”

Former NCS student Tafsia Shikdar joined us in our second year full of ambition and with dreams of doing meaningful scientific research that left a profound impact on the world. With two years of learning, support and encouragement from our expert and passionate teachers and a wide range of opportunities opened up to her by The NCS, she is now studying engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA.

As part of our strategic partnership with UCL, Tafsia soon joined their Engineering Club in her first year and alongside UCL undergraduates she had the chance to put into practice her strong maths and coding skills. Tafsia was also selected for the UCL/NCS Bloomberg Financial Computing Masterclasses, the ‘Women in STEM Summer School’ at Cambridge University and the ‘Oxford Material Science Summer School’.

Central to all of the support The NCS provides are our enthusiastic and talented teaching staff. Tafsia has also noted the approachability of our teachers, always willing to help outside of lessons and providing additional material to stretch her studies via our iTunes U platform.

With so much potential we guided Tafsia through her application to MIT, providing a mentor for sitting entrance exams and then prepared her for her entrance interview. She now follows in the footsteps of notable alumni Buzz Aldren & Richard Feynman.


“There was constant prep towards getting you to think more critically.”

When Monalisa joined The NCS she was already an extremely accomplished teenager. Academically bright with 12 A* grades at GCSE and an individual who had already proved she could find and grab opportunities after being selected to give a talk on ‘Superheroes’ at a TEDx conference. It might be hard to imagine how a teacher could improve the life chances of such an optimistic and talented individual.

But our expert team pushed Monalisa every day and opened up many academic experiences that weren’t even on her radar. She earned a place on our humanities trip to Washington and New York, taking her out of the Newham bubble and allowing her to experience American history and culture with personal guided tours of the US Senate, United Nations and the chance to join a lecture at Columbia University.

She joined our Oxbridge Preparation Programme which provided her with a space to develop her intellectual rigour and debating skills. “My brain had been blown,” she said of the Oxbridge Tutorial, “But it was all good. It meant I had been pushed to a point where I had to challenge my own views and then defend them.”

Monalisa is now studying at the University of Oxford.


“The teachers are great! I genuinely feel they deserve a lot of credit for the way that they help their students and look after us.”

Arif sat his Maths AS exams a year early whilst he also took his final GCSE papers securing 11A*.  Arif impressed his teachers immediately, he was academically strong but extremely hard working and very humble.  He achieved full marks in all his A level Maths and Further Maths papers demonstrating his formidable ability in the subject.

One aspect of the NCS that Arif really enjoyed and benefitted from was how his teachers didn’t just teach the specification but went beyond it. They go deeper. They teach you the why’s and how’s, and boost overall knowledge on topics. A great teacher, according to Arif, allows you to learn in a way where you can apply knowledge to the real world and provides you with the skills to be solution orientated.

It was at The NCS where his teacher took him from someone who was extremely capable at maths, to someone who had a deep love and respect for the subject. In turn this led to Arif deciding that he’s going to work with maths in the future.

Arif is now studying at UCL.


“The NCS has moulded us into the characters that we are today and that’s something we’ll never forget.”

Saadia joined The NCS with a real passion for law and politics. She wasted no time in making full use of the opportunities that landed in front of her from our emerging talent and lecture programmes.

She attended our student lectures with Ed Miliband and Shami Chakrabarti. She had a mini pupillage at leading criminal law chambers and masterclasses at CMS Cameron McKenna. The soft skills she learned with us meant she soon found herself working with Saadiq Khan on his mayoral campaign, also delivering a speech from the dispatch box in the house of commons as an MYP.

With so much talent and experience, her teachers were there to advise her beyond the subject content. To help her make the best choices for university courses and career path, her teachers arranged for some work experience in corporate law firm. This then led to her earning a place on the week long all expenses paid work experience we arrange with White and Case LLP in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It cemented her decision to study law at University and qualify as corporate/commercial lawyer.

Saadia is now studying at LSE.

Our offer to you

Student Loan repaid for you

Your student loan repayments paid for by us during your employment with the NCS.

A competitive salary

A salary that is equivalent to a qualified teacher on the Main Pay Scale during your training year and thereafter.

The full cost of your training paid for by us

Schools Direct (salaried) Programme helping you achieve Qualified Teacher Status.

Dedicated subject mentor

Experienced NCS subject mentor who will support you in developing your subject specific teaching skills during your training years.

Bespoke training programme

A fully comprehensive training programme for all beginning teachers joining the NCS in September.

Fast track leadership programme

For beginning teachers who aspire to senior leadership positions within the first 5 years of qualifying.

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